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Image of Tiger in Orange baseball shirt (L)

Tiger in Orange baseball shirt (L)


Tiger in Orange baseball shirt
This is a one of a kind hand tie dyed and hand block printed shirt! Nobody will ever have one like it even if I tried to replicate it would end up being different. Hand tie dyed orange and yellow target. Hand block printed image of a Tiger on the front.
There is only one of this product so if somehow you manage to increase the units in the cart your order will be cancelled.

I cannot offer returns/replacements/exchanges for this product. If you do have any questions about the product and its size or have any issues with your order please contact me. I want to make sure you're happy with your product!
Large (feels a bit on the smaller side for a Large. The sleeves are quite tight and aren't very stretchy so check the cuff and sleeve widths)
100% Cotton
The product was measured laying flat in centimetres with a tape measure to the best of my abilities. Please look at the third image with the measurement guides
A(Length): 71cm
B(chest width measured from armpit to armpit): 53cm
C(bottom width of jumper): 53cm
D(length from bottom of collar to bottom of the shirt): 63cm
E(neck width): 16cm
F (length of shoulder and sleeve): 76cm
G (width of start of sleeve at shoulder point): 24cm
H (width of sleeve around the elbow): 18cm
I (width of cuff): 9cm
Fitting notes- Fits me and Rachel (model pictured in 4th image) but its wrist cuffs are a bit tight for me even though I fit in them. Worth checking if the cuffs and sleeves measurements suit you especially if you got giant guns for arms…
Best practice if you're not sure if it will fit, is to find your favourite shirt that fits you the way you like and measure it and compare it to the measurements on this garment. If it matches it should fit you but if it doesn’t it might not be right.

Not in your size? Unfortunately you can't have this exact shirt but contact me and you can commission me to make you one in your size!

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